Top 3 Best Trimmer Under 2000

If you’re looking for ways and means to groom yourself then adding a trimmer to style your look is a good way to begin. The market has changed a lot with the advent of technology there are lots of trimmers available in the market and finding the one that just fits you and also the best trimmer under 2000.

There are many factors that one should bear in mind before buying the trimmer. It depends upon how you want to style your beard, how thick it is and what length you want to keep, or often you would like to style like on a daily basis and like that there are many factors that need consideration apart from price.

Our top 3 best trimmer under 2000 includes the following.

  1. Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer

Philips is a known brand when it comes to making quality home and personal care gadgets. They add value to their products and in the life of the consumers. And, what makes the Philips what it is a – Class Apart is a dedicated after sales services and quality.

The Philips is a great trimmer who wants to style their beard perfectly. The Philips trimmer caters to all your needs with adjustable settings. You can extend the settings up to 10mm length to get a trim exactly the way you want.

The battery life is also what makes this product famous among the users apart from the fact that it is the best trimmer under 2000. The battery life is quite good and it can work up to 90 minutes with one single charge. It comes with a warranty of 3 years.


  1. Philips QT4006/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

Ergonomically designed and very well built, this is what Philips is known for, and the fact would be obvious as soon as you hold this trimmer in your hand.

The design of this trimmer is great with an awesome grip it is quite easy to hold and use. The trimmer is ergonomically designed which makes it a super easy to use to grab product.


  1. Panasonic ER-GB37 Trimmer

This trimmer is stuffed with lots of features. The design is the most eye-catching feature after price. The dial of the product is great that gives the perfect trim you want for that particular look.

The trimmer also supports dry shaving without any comb attachment. The trimmer gives 8 hours of run and a special design blade with a 45-degree.


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